Wild Swans

Kitsch Religion

A Stitch in Time

This series, titled Wild Swans is a story of elegant, desirable and contemporary women who echo the beauty of their homeland. The core inspiration for Wild Swans derives from posters of 1920-30’s, Shanghai pin-up girls. At the time, the posters were considered as controversial because of their suggestive and erotic tone, however nowadays they reveal an exquisite mix of East meets West depicted by beautiful women who were clearly modern and fashionable ladies of their time. The origin, and sentiment of the remarkable Shanghai pin-up girls led to further research into China, especially it’s mesmerising, vast and diverse landscapes.

By juxtaposing Christian Iconography and naturalistic imagery, with man-made objects that are deemed kitsch, faddish or vulgar, this series, titled Kitsch Religion aims to demonstrate the frivolity of humanity, especially in the current, materialistic, consumer-lead world we live in.

A Stitch in Time is a collection of greeting cards designed for retail. At the centre of each design are retro illustrations sourced from sewing pattern covers from the 1940s and 50s, which are both charming and timeless in their aesthetic. These found images are combined with my own illustrations and ink drawings to enhance the overall modernity of the designs. The contemporary dialect was added to give the cards context and a distinctive characteristic, for the intention of being a gift or greeting.

Christmas Cards

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